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Recipe: Ice cream cake

Hi everyone , I back again with a long pending post , infact theres going to be a couple more of posts that has been awaiting their release from my drafts section :) .

Statutory Warning : This post is photo-bombed 😄 ...... well , the problem was that I loved each one of the clicks and couldn't decide ...

Made this luscious and my family's favorite dessert, last December, to celebrate a rather special day... the D day in our life, my husband's and mine , infact the day I became we and the We became synonymous to our Family.
Yes, our Anniversary .... but this years was rather exceptional because we had danced, skipped and rocked on to touch our first milestone ..... OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!
In these glorious 10 years,  we saw ourselves mature as individuals, we watched us growing older or maybe, I should say younger by the day ;), we saw our family grow from 2 to 3 and now 4.... We shared a lot happinesses and obviously a few sour moments too, and every moment being a moment to cherish.
And the best part was that,  all these wild and crazy moments just flashed past us in a jiffy and we couldn't bring ourselves to believe that we had turned 10 already !!

As we wished ourselves that morning , the hubby as usual put forth his regular anniversary dialogue, 'cant believe I have been putting  up with your tantrums for the past 10 years' and a sneaky smile and I was like ' Of course, how would you realize the time fly, when you have been having the best time of your life, my dear 😃' Now, how was that for a punch 😜!!

Making an ice-cream cake had been on my bucket list for a long time and yet, as simple as it is to make I couldn't find myself a good reason to bring myself to take the effort. Now, of course , a 10th anniversary had to be a good reason !!

The recipe is something out of my head , and I am really proud of the outcome. Our family and couple of my daughters little friends who were lucky to walk in that day , loved every mouthful of it. Hope you all give it a shot at your kitchens too.


Ice Cream Cake


Chocolate cake - 8 inch ( you could buy a ready made cake or you could use any of my chocolate cake recipes from here )
Ice cream - you could use any flavor of your choice. I used 1L of strawberry ice cream and 1L of vanilla ice cream.
Ganache - please follow my recipe from here 


1. Defrost the ice creams completely.
2.  Slice the cake horizontally into 2 equal halves.
3. Take a springform pan and line the base with parchment paper.
4. Place the first slice of cake at the bottom of the pan.
5. Pour one ice cream completely onto the cake and place in freezer until completely set. This might take nearly 4 hours.
6. Now place the second layer of cake over the frozen layer of ice cream and pour the remaining ice cream over it.
7. Stash it back into the freezer until completely set.
8. Finally pour the ganache over the cake and guide it, slowly, down the sides of the cake with a spatula onto all sides to get a dripping effect or you may even cover it completely with the ganache .
9. Decorate as you desire. I used some whipped cream to make some simple swirls.
10. Freeze until ready to use.
Keep the cake outside for 10 mins before serving, so that you can slice the cake easily.

Dip your knife in hot water and wipe clean each time you slice into the cake. This will give you a clean and perfect slice .
Hope everyone enjoys making and eating this cake as much as we did :)

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