Monday, December 19, 2016

The Christmas Spirit is here!!

Christmas Fruit Cake (Whole wheat, alcohol-free, butter-less, eggless)

My favorite time of the year is here and my oven has been quite busy, which is a routine every year... But photographing and making a post of my bakes isn't just working !

I know, I have been unfair to this baby of mine for a pretty long time now..been ignoring it for more than a couple of years now.
But fortunately, however busy I am and whatever reasons I have to tie me down I definitely make it a point to make a few visits here, at this time of the year.....what's xmas and new year without a few scrumptious recipes.

Fruit cake is a 'Christmas phenomenon' is most part of the world and its one of my favorites as well .. so, obviously I love baking them too. This year anyways, I decided make a healthier version of this all time favorite Christmas treat.
I have avoided alcohol, eggs and butter and used whole wheat flour for some guilt free indulgence, I would say :)


I have been doing more of whole wheat baking, ever since my daughter was found to be not getting along well with APF. So, I have been turning anything and everything that I possible could , into whole wheat dishes .... and trust me.. I guarantee, you won't miss a thing in terms of taste or texture choosing this healthier alternative.

I have followed Joyofbakings recipe for Buttermilk Fruit Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake (Whole wheat, butter-less, egg-less, alcohol-free)
(Adapted from Joyofbaking)

I have followed the same recipe except for the below mentioned modifications:
- soaked the fruits and nuts in grape juice overnight.
-replaced 1 cup of APF with whole wheat.
-replaced melted butter with same measurement vegetable oil.
The remaining recipe stands unchanged .

The end result... extremely moist and delicious fruit cake.. good to the last bite . The best part was ,my sonny loved it hands down and so I know , I am going to make this again, doubtless!!


  1. This is such a lovely bake... I am pinning up the recipe to try someday.. though not a fan of fruit cakes, like them in little quantities...