Thursday, November 19, 2015


Recipe: Devils Food Cake with Passionfruit Mousse Filling and Frosting and  a Chocolate Ganache Finish 


The second half of every year is celebration-packed for us. Apart from all the festivals that it comes with , we have 2 birthdays and an anniversary in our family and lot more birthday parties at our friends place too.
And to top it all the weather becomes so beautiful and enjoyable with the winter setting in. I love everything about this part of the year!!

Now, Last week was the Hubby's birthday and we had a small, cozy celebration with just the 4 of us, a cake and his favourite chicken Biriyani

My dear friend S had brought some lovely passion fruit pulp from her home in India and I had been dying to try out something with it. And Tadaaa... this was the output of my experiments!!
The chocolate passion fruit combo was a winner . It was amazing , if I would say so myself!! 
For the Devils food cake I followed Ria's Collection and the passion fruit mousse was my own creation :)
The pictures had to be clicked in a hurry since everyone were very hungry and waiting to dig in. My girl was just back from school and the bday boy too was on his lunch break. I too was famished making the elaborate lunch and cake all in one go.
I didnt really put in too much of effort with the decors since it was for just the 4 of us... well, yeah I am the lazy kind u see :P

Well, however it may look, it tasted just fabulous and definitely satisfied out gastronomical needs and chocolate craving .... Isn't that, what good food is all about : !!!!


  1. cake looks yummy happy to follow you. check my space too when u get time

    1. thanks Jaisy.. sure will check out


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