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Recipe: Whole wheat pizza and Pizza sauce 

We are pizza crazy as a family... but my kids require special mention. And of the two, my 2 year old son, kind of, rips the roof with his pizza passion!!
We just have to pass by a pizza place and the aroma coming in from there would drive him insane and he would abruptly break into his loud pizza song, which goes 'pizza pizza pizza....' NON STOP!!
He's had us embarrassed in quite a few restaurant episodes.... where in, he would start off with his coveted song every time the waiter passes by with someone else's order.
Of course, my daughter is no better, but, she has her trademark trait...pickiness, popping up even with her favourite dish, when it comes to the toppings. But for the son, it just has to be PIZZA and that would do :)

Now,this adoration of my son has had me making more pizzas these days, than ever before. 
But, of course, when it comes to such fast foods, theres always a health vs happiness conflict lurking in the background and that is something that calls for a lot of attention, we like it or not!!

I am really not sure whether to call it healthy ,exactly... but I would rather say , relatively healthy ... Well,yes, I am talking about the wholewheat pizza base that I usually prefer when making pizzas at home.
I got this really good wholewheat pizza recipe from a very beautiful blog ,Sally's Baking Addictions, and its kind of, stuck to me ever since. 

But the pizza sauce is a first time. Its always been store bought ones until this time ,because I realised I had run out of sauce, at quite the last moment . I couldn't back out from my promise to the kids and I ended up making the sauce, which turned out to be really good. 
What I liked about this recipe was that it did not use any canned tomatoes or tomato paste which is usually found in most recipes.

The best part about baking pizzas at home is the lovely, totally intoxicating aroma that literally drives us crazy. Well, this time too, it had my kids walk into the kitchen sniffing and twitching their little noses like puppies. I had a tough time keeping them away from the hot oven , especially my toddler, who seemed to had gone into some kind of a trance ...LOL!!

Now, don't bother asking how I managed to gets these pictures clicked !!!!!! 


I have followed the recipe to the T. Please find the link here
This is definitely one of the best wholewheat pizza base recipes I have followed and now this is my regular too. 

(Adapted from Meal Plan Girls) 

 Please find the recipe here.
I had halved the quality mentioned in the actual recipe and it gave good results.

My pizza is a Chicken Tikka Pizza. So I had used:

Marinated chicken Tikka pieces sliced into thin strips
Green Bell Peppers sliced
Sweet Onion sliced
Tomato deseeded and chopped
Mozzarella Cheese 
And a handful of Parmesan cheese 
Italian seasoning

You may use any topping of choice.


Once the base is ready brush in some olive oil. This will avoid the base from getting soggy from the toppings. Then spread the sauce and top with your favourite topping.
Now drop generous amounts of grated mozzarella cheese and sprinkle some Italian seasoning or oregano leaves and pop into your oven preheated at 475 degree F.
Bake for 15 mins or until the crust is lightly brown.

Enjoy your pizza pipping hot!!

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