Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mangoes Pineapple and A Cake !!

Recipe: Mango Pineapple Cake frosted with Mango Swiss Buttercream


This summer, since we had decided to stay back in Bahrain itself, I had anticipated a mega come back to my blog with all those extra time that I was going to ravish in.....But, Alas!!

It was just a couple of days ago while checking out the date for Onam, that I realised with a rather violent shake that our vacation was meeting its demise in just a couple of weeks. And here, I haven't even made a single entry on my blog..... so disappointing !!
It's not that I have been lazing around and not cooking... it's just that I haven't been able to click my creations. Thats even more distressing isn't it :(
Guess thats what happens when one has 2 kids on the rampage keeping one forcefully vigilant even while in the loo!!!

Anyways, its nearly September and the month comes with my daughters birthday.
Last year I had a readymade cake bought for her day since I wasn't confident that I would be able to put everything together with a rather hyperactive one year old on the roll.
But this year I have planned to make one for her.
So, I have been on an R&D mode for a couple of weeks now.
With the mango season still on, I just thought , why not something with that. Post some serious research I did arrive at a decent recipe for a mango cake and with some alterations and additions I modified it into a Mango-Pineapple cake and frosted it with a really yummy and addictive Mango Swiss buttercream.
Since it was a trial run, I made a really small cake and it got wiped out in just a days time :)
Well, I really haven't finalised on this one as yet... little more of R&D to be done..

While getting the cake clicked I just remembered that I had some Caramel sauce from another recipe lying around in my fridge. So thats what you see dripping down the cake. 
And I must say that this golden beauty made the cake something to die for... yum yum!!

(Mango cake adapted from Lincy's Cook Art and Mango Swiss Butter Cream from Crumbs and Cookies)

Mango Pineapple Cake

All purpose Flour - 1 1/2 cups
Butter ,melted - 1/2 cups
Sugar - 3/4 cups
Eggs- 2
Mango puree- 1/2 cup
Pineapple puree- 1/4 cup
Baking powder- 1 tsp
Baking soda- 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
(If using canned fruits reserve the syrup for moistening the cake while assembling the cake. Or else make some simple sugar syrup)

Preheat oven to 180 degree C. Grease and line an 8 inch baking tin with parchment paper. 
Sift together (flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt) all the dry ingredients.
Beat melted butter and sugar till sugar has dissolved . 
Add eggs one after the other and beat till creamy. 
Add Mango and pineapple puree and beat till combined.
Fold in the dry ingredients till well combined.
Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 30 mins or till a toothpick inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.
Leave on a wire rack to cool completely before frosting.

Mango Swiss Buttercream
I have followed the exact recipe from Crumbs and Cookies which in turn has been adapted from Martha Stewart. So you may find the recipe here

Slice the cake crosswise using a serrated knife. 
Soak the lower layer with the reserved syrup if using canned fruits or else with simple sugar syrup. 
Spread 1/2 cup of buttercream.
Place the top layer over the cream and brush some syrup over this layer too.
Now cover the cake with the rest of the cream and decorate as required.

I know there is an overflow of pics in this post but the truth is I just couldn't choose. Now let me make a confession, these pics are not my efforts. It has been taken by a very talented 15 year old lad ,Aravind Sreekumar, son of a family friend.  It took him hardly 5 to 10 mins for all these and many more which I had to keep away with lot of effort. He turned up to help me since he knows my kids so very well :)