Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Delightful Custard-Chocolate Combo :)

Recipe:  Custard Sponge Gateau (Adapted from Ria's Collection)

Early morning wakys were never ever my cup of tea and still never is ..... I had kind of long forgotten the 5 o clock and 6 clock wake up calls ever since post graduation.
While moving back to the Middle East after marriage my only big concern was the early morning wake ups that I did have to go through again..... But you could imagine my elation when I discovered that my hubby was one of those very rare lucky people out here who had to get to work only by 10 am. My life looked picture perfect for almost 3 years from then... 8 O clock alarms, a baby who would wake up only by 10 am, evening outings almost everyday.... What a life don't you think!!!

But of course as with everything lovely and beautiful, this too didn't last too long, to be precise until last year January, when my daughter started school!!!
Even after one year of going through the routine I still awe at how I manage to drag myself out of my cozy bed and quilt  and drop my poor feet on to the cruelly cold floor beneath before it could finally manage to snuggle into its slippers and safety. As if this was not enough, imagine having to prepare breakfast and a snack box for my girl and then having to get a half asleep child ready for school, phew!!!!
Above all this imagine having to satisfy my tremendously fussy girl while packing her snack box...well actually nothing but biscuits  cakes, bread-Nutella sandwich or maybe some nuggets are things that can really catch her fancy......but again you can never be sure with her. More than anything, what worries me most is having to pack store bought biscuits and cakes on a regular basis..... You know one can never be sure about what kind of preservatives go into them. An added worry to my morning grind.....
Actually this is one of the reasons I do some regular baking a home. But imagine having to whip up something new and interesting on a regular basis....
One thing she loves taking to school, without any argument, is frosted cake and that too with an element of chocolate in it means an empty and all licked up tiffin box for the next 3 days and that means a happy mommy :).
So, you see I am always on the look out for easy-to-make frosted cakes with no much of fancy ingredients and obviously with the least of the least efforts. That was when I landed on this wonderful custard flavoured gateau in Ria's blog. What pulled me in was the newness of having custard flavour in a cake and above all it had a dump-all-in-one bowl making process :)
Since I made this cake on no particular occasion I did not bother decorating it and hence will not be showing the whole cake ;)
This cake turned out to be really soft and moist and had an amazing custard flavour. I fell in love with it the moment I took my first dig. Yummy yum yum!!!!  And without doubt my daughter loved it too especially because it has a lovely chocolate frosting as well.
I would say this is a must try. Thank you Ria for sharing such a lovely recipe.

(Adapted from Ria's blog)

The making of this cake as a whole happens in 3 simple steps:
Custard sponge gateau
Custard buttercream filling
Chocolate frosting
Ria has given a perfect description on how to go about with the making so I didn't want to re-type it all over again. You can find the recipe here.


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