Thursday, February 14, 2013

A cake to Celebrate Valentine's Day and a delayed 1st Anniverasry of Kitchen Magic!!!

Recipe: Egg less Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

A very happy Valentines Day to all my friends, readers and fellow bloggers.
And yes, my little space turned one on November 19, 2012,but unfortunately I couldn't treat my baby with anything special then. Guess, there is no better day than this to show my love to this humble blog of mine which opened my eyes to a whole new world of culinary delights. It gave me new friends with similar love and helped me gain more insight into my big time passion ,baking!!!
I learned lots of new techniques, skills and the courage to try out recipes which maybe I would have never done otherwise.

If it was my daughter who inspires me to cook, it's definitely my readers and friends who have energised me to write, photograph and make a post of the dishes I create  A big thank you to all you great people out there for all your valuable comments and support.

Though I had been a constant follower of Madhuram's, I had never tried any of her delectable recipes until now. This Texas chocolate sheet cake that I spotted at her space a few days back caught my fancy so much so that I had to bake it.
And I absolutely do not regret my decision because this cake is so very chocolatey, so very moist and soft and can feed a crowd and how much ever you say, no one is ever going to believe that it is egg less. I did like to thank Madhuram for her  timely and valuable advice without which I would have ruined this beauty beyond recognition :)
I personally feel that this cake would make a perfect dessert may be a scoop of vanilla Ice cream to double the impact!!!!!


 Apart from a couple of changes that I made everything else about the original recipe remains the same. So please link here for the ingredients and preparation, Madhuram has given a very easy to follow description.
Changes that I made:
Replaced the Silken Tofu in the original recipe with apple sauce
Replaced walnuts with Almonds (it's only after popping my cake into the oven that I realised that I had completely run out of walnuts, so decided to replace it with some toasted almonds and the result wasn't bad at all!!)