Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Meal in a Whiz, for one...

Recipe: Easy Chilly Paneer for one serving (Cottage Cheese-Green Pepper Stir Fry)

I simply detest eating alone. For almost 2 years after coming to Bahrain I had to go through the torture of lonely lunches ( I usually ate after feeding my little one and putting her to sleep and my husband always took packed lunch)
But the last 6 months had been different with my husband coming home for lunch as he had to drop our daughter back home after play school. :) 

Nevertheless, I still do have to endure days of lonely lunch once in a while, which I usually survive with a sandwich or mostly breakfast leftovers.
Last Thursday was one such day. But unfortunately, neither did I have bread nor did I have any leftovers from breakfast :( ,so, I was left with no other option but cook something just for me!!!
Well, actually I am quite good with tiny quantities, something which I learned when I had 2 cook just for the 2 of us.....
I decided to go ahead with my usual easy stir fry dish which I make on such lonely days or maybe even when I want to whip up a quick dinner for the whole family.
Here, I have used paneer as the main ingredient and hence the name........but this can be made even with boiled eggs, boiled and shredded chicken, fried cauliflower and even cooked prawns.
I love this dish as it's not just easy, it's quite tasty too and it goes well with Nan, chapati and fried rice or maybe even plain, cooked Basmati rice.
The quantities I have mentioned here are for a single serve, as I made it just for me..... you may alter the quantities to suit your need.


And yes......I forgot to mention something else..... there's something quite special about the Capsicum that I have used in this dish...... it has come straight out of my very own kitchen garden..... guess that has made the dish taste even yummier ;)



Paneer (cottage cheese) - 5-6 cubes
Onion - 1 medium sliced
Chillies - 2 slit into half
Capsicum (bell pepper) -  half sliced
Chilly powder - ½ tsp (as per need)
Soya Sauce - ½ tsp
Chilly sauce - ½ tsp
Curry leaves - a few (optional)
Garlic - 1 pod crushed
Salt as per need
Oil - 2 tbsp



Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan and grill the paneer cubes, turning them over as you do, till the cubes turn a golden brown. Keep these aside.
Heat around 1 Tbsp of oil, add the crushed garlic and saute till the raw smell goes off.
Now add the sliced onion and saute till translucent.
Follow this up with the chillies and sliced bell pepper and curry leaves (if using) and stir for a min.

Now add chilly powder and continue sauteing for 2 mins. Tip in the sauces, and salt and mix well.

To this add the grilled paneer cubes and mix well. Stir till the curry is crisp and dry.

You may serve this with any accompaniment of your choice.

Note: To keep your paneer soft, drop the fried paneer cubes directly into a cup of ice-water with a pinch of salt in it. Leave it there until usage time.

Sending this to Kerala Kitchen June event hosted by Julie of Erivum Puliyum.