Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Biriyani full of Surprise

Recipe: Iddiyappam Biriyani (Biriyani with steamed Rice- Noodles)

It’s been nearly 3 weeks in my new home now and I am finally getting in sync with my kitchen. Even as I say this, I am awed at how time flies!!
3 weeks already and I still feel like its just yesterday that we had moved in.
And talking about the racing time, I still gape at the facts that it’s been ages since I left college and that I have been married for 5 years now and I have a daughter whose 3 and a half years already and that my new born blog has just turned 5 months!!!!!!


I am sure that I am not a solitary soul with these musings ….   J

Well, all this talk about time and my daughter’s age reminds me that it’s already 6 months since my angel’s 3rd birthday celebrations at our home in Kerala and I can still drool with the memories of the food we had at the function.

The food for our function was supplied by my friend’s aunt who runs a successful catering business in Cochin. We decided to go ahead with the service after my friend spoke highly of her aunts dishes and we were glad that we made the choice. The food was amazing and we are more than grateful to our friend for her recommendation.
But it was only after returning to Bahrain that we realised our goof up…… we had forgotten to order auntys much hyped masterpiece….. Iddiyappam Biriyani!!
What a disaster…… unforgivable…… what more to be done than to lament….

I had wanted to try this recipe ever since, but never really got near it until now.
 So a brand new dish in a brand new house!!

I am sending this to the Kerala Kitchen event for March hosted by Prathiba of Cook Ezee



For Iddiyappam /Noolappam

Rice flour – 2-3 cups (should make around 12 iddiyappams)
Water – as required
Salt – as per taste
Ghee/oil – 1 tsp(for oiling our hands)

The recipe for the Chicken Gravy of Biriyani can be seen here

I have used chicken breasts here in this recipe but it’s ok to use ordinary chicken pieces as well. I used it because that was what I had in hand then J

For Garnish
Onion – 1 sliced finely
Cashew nuts – a handful
Raisins – a handful
Ghee – 2-3 tsp

Cardamom – 5
Cloves – 5
Cinnamon sticks – 2 1 inch pieces
Bay leaves – 2


Step 1:

Let’s begin with the iddiyappam /noolappam first.
Place water and salt in a medium sized sauce pan and bring to boil.
Meanwhile, place the measured rice powder in a wide basin or in any other vessel where you can knead the iddiyappam dough easily.
Now pour the boiling water little by little into the rice flour, mixing with a spoon as you do.
Once the dough reaches the consistency of chappati dough you may stop adding water (it’s ok if your dough gets slightly loose, but be careful not to make it too loose as well. To avoid any mishap always add water little by little).

Once the dough reaches the right consistency you will have to knead it smooth. But be careful not to plunge your hand in too soon as the dough is going to be very hot and you may burn your hand.
So wait for it cool down and when the dough is still slightly warm, you may knead your dough until it’s nice and smooth and lump-free.

It would be good idea to oil your hands with ghee or any other fat before you knead as the dough can be slightly sticky.

Iddiyyappam Acchu

Once the dough is made you may fill it into an iddiyappam ‘acchu’ (it’s a device used to squeeze out the dough into fine thin noodles) and squeeze out your iddiyappams onto idli moulds (these moulds are used to steam idlis) or any other vessel convenient for steaming these rice noodles and steam them for around 10-15 mins or until the iddiyappams are cooked well.

Now shred the iddiyappams using your fingertips and keep aside.

Step 2:

You may now prepare your chicken gravy as given here.

Step 3:
For the garnish:
Heat ghee in a small wok and fry the sliced onions till they turn golden brown. Remove from the wok using a slotted spoon and drain off excess oil on a tissue paper.
In the same ghee, fry the cashew nuts and raisins as well.

Step 4:

Take a non-stick vessel and place a layer of shredded iddiyappams. Follow this with the whole spices.
Now pour in the prepared chicken gravy and finally top it with the remaining iddiyappam.
Seal the vessel with aluminium foil and a tight lid and keep for dum for 10-15 mins on very low flame or in an oven.

Once the dum is done remove from flame /oven and then mix the whole thing up using a spoon. Now garnish with the fried onions, raisins and cashew nuts.
(Be very careful while taking off the lid as the vessel encloses high pressure steam and you may burn your hands.)

The Biriyani was an amazing treat and didn’t really require any accompaniment. Now our remorse on missing the original Biriyani has doubled and weighs heavily on us L


  1. athu kollalo, idiyappam biriyani sounds delicious. Thanks for sending it to KK Event :-)
    You have a nice space shaping up, Following you and hope to see you around..

    1. Thank u so much Prathibha... I'll surely be visiting your space and I thnk u shud definitely try this one out :)

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    1. Thnk u Julie..... Iam sure u'll enjoy this dish... Plz do try.