Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Make My First Jam

Recipe: Strawberry Jam

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Though I usually enjoy typical south India breakfast meals, I do love a breakfast of bread, jam, butter and eggs once or twice a week and so does my whole family.  And so jam is an inevitable item in my fridge.


Hulled  Strawberries

Though we do buy bottled jams, we usually prefer fresh jams as they taste more natural and less sweet than their bottled counterparts. But it was not until lately that I discovered how easy it was to make jams at home.
I decided to make my first jam with strawberries as they are in season now and also strawberry jam is my daughter’s favourite.

And believe me, once you try these lovely, fresh and real fruit jams you will never go back to the bottled ones!!

(Fills approx a 450 ml jar)


Strawberries – 3 cups (hulled and halved) if you like your jam less chunky you may mash your strawberries

Lime juice – 1 tbsp
Sugar – 1 ½ cups (you may increase the quantity for a more sweeter jam)


To begin with place a plate in your freezer. You will need this later.

Place the lime juice and sugar in a heavy bottomed vessel and heat for 10 mins or until the sugar has completely melted.

Now add the strawberries and continue cooking on low heat for around 20 mins, stirring constantly so as to avoid the sugar from getting burned.
The mixture would be boiling now and would have begun to thicken.

You will need your plate now. Remove from freezer and smear a little jam on the plate. Once the jam has cooled down, use your finger to draw a line through the jam to form a channel. If you channel stays then your jam is ready, and if the fluid flows back to close the channel then your jam requires more cooking.

Once your jam has cooled down pour it into a sterilized glass jar, seal and refrigerate.

Tips to sterilize your jar:

Sterilize your jar prior to making the jam.
Wash your jar thoroughly with soap.
 Now boil your jar and lid, completely immersed in water, for around 10 mins and leave them there until usage time.

Note: Don’t panic if you have overdone your jam. All you have to do is pour in around ¼- ½ cup water into the jam and bring to gentle boil stirring constantly until the right consistency has reached.


  1. Thats very true,Misha..If we taste tbe home made fresh jams,the bottled stays back!!Looks very lovely spread n strawberries,I love them a lot..yummy!!