Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Oriental Delights

Recipe: Szechwan Fried Rice and Thai Cashew Chicken

I have decided to go a little international this time and have come up with a combination of 2 Oriental Cuisines….. Chinese and Thai.
Don’t ask me about my motive of combining a Chinese dish with a Thai one  …but you can definitely ask me how the duo turned out….. Because, they made quite a lovely couple, I must say!!!


I had been looking forward to try my hands at both these dishes for quite some time but had been postponing my plans for one reason or the other. So when finally, I landed up with some time, I decided to whip up both my fancies together (was too eager to waste any more time ;))

Szechwan fried rice is a very popular Chinese main course.
It is made by adding Szechwan sauce to ordinary Chinese fried rice. We can even cook chicken, prawns, beef and even veggies with this sauce. Szechwan dishes can be really spicy as the main ingredient to the sauce is dry red chillies, loads of them!!

This post also includes a Thai dish which we usually order at our favourite Thai restaurant, Thai cashew chicken. It can’t be called an authentic Thai dish, well you can say it’s a Thai dish with a Chinese influence. It’s got an amazing flavour and turned out to be a good accompaniment to the Szechwan fried rice.

Now for the recipe



Basmati Rice – 1 cup (cook by boiling in water until 3/4 done. Drain off excess water and let cool. Now refrigerate overnight)

Dry red chillies – 7-8 deseeded
Onions – 2 medium chopped
Ginger – 1 tbsp chopped
Garlic – 1 tbsp chopped
Oil – 4-5 tbsp
Tomato ketchup – 4 tbsp
Soy sauce – 1 tbsp
Rice vinegar/ white vinegar – 4 tbsp
Beans – 5-6 sliced finely
Carrot – half sliced finely
Capsicum – half sliced finely


Szechwan sauce:
First boil the deseeded red chillies until they turn soft. Drain off excess water and grind it into a paste. Set this aside.

Heat a wok and pour in half of the measured oil. When hot enough add 1 chopped onion and sauté till it turns translucent. Now add the chopped garlic and ginger and continue sautéing. Add on the ground chilly paste, tomato ketchup, soy sauce, rice vinegar and salt and mix well. Remove from flame and set aside. Szechwan sauce is ready for use.

Now heat the remaining oil in a wok, add the second chopped onion and sauté till translucent. Toss in the sliced vegetables and continue sautéing for a min or two.
Finally add the refrigerated rice, 3 tbsp Szechwan sauce and salt and toss well until well combined and the rice turns a beautiful red. 
See to it that your rice is nice and hot before you stop cooking, it may take a few minutes since the rice had been refrigerated. 

Garnish with some chopped spring onions and serve hot.



Chicken breast – 1 cut into bite sized pieces
Garlic – 1 tspchopped
Dry red chillies – 2 cut into half
Onion – 1medium size quartered
Spring onion – 1 stalk cut finely
Capsicum – half cut into bite sizes
Cashew nut – ½ cup dry roasted
Mushrooms – ½ cup quartered
Chicken stock/ water – ¼ cup
Corn flour – ¼ cup
Oyster sauce – 2 ½ tbsp
Dark soy sauce – 1 tbsp
Light soy sauce – 1 tbsp


Coat the chicken pieces with corn flour and a pinch of salt.
Heat some oil in a wok and toss in the chicken pieces and stir fry till done well.
Remove the chicken from the wok and set aside.

In the same wok, add the chopped garlic and sauté till fragrant. Now put in the onion and continue sautéing. Follow this with the mushrooms and capsicum and sauté till the mushrooms are done which will take approx 3-4 mins.
Now add the fried chicken and cashew nuts and mix well.
Pour in the chicken stock or water and all the sauces and mix again till all the ingredients are well combined.
Finally toss in some chopped spring onion and remove from heat. As simple as that!!

Remember to do the entire cooking on high flame.

Serve hot along with the prepared Szechwan fried rice.


  1. oh my tempting i can't see this..i want to eat it....Misha plz tell me when r u cmg bck to kerala?

    1. hehe chech......... thank u thank u.... well, dont wait 4 me na... juz tru it urself ;) hhee