Monday, November 21, 2011

The Golden Crunchies

Well, this golden snack definitely doesn't need an introduction, especially to my Keralite friends out there: our very own ‘Kaya Upperi’ (Raw Banana chips). I am sure it’s a favourite amongst all the Malayalees across the globe but it’s a pity to say that hardly anyone makes it at home any more. With the invasion of the packaged varieties across the market we seem to have conveniently forgotten that this was once a home-made savoury. But let me tell you, these packet chips are just a mere shadow of the crispy crunchy home-made ones.
My mom still makes these at home, especially when it’s the Onam and Vishu (these are the 2 major festivals in Kerala) season and also to pack it up for us when we get back to Bahrain, where I live.
As these stock exhausts soon enough I thought I should learn to make them too so that my daughter should be as privileged as I am.

It’s really simple, trust me!!!



Raw bananas (the Kerala variety- Nendara Kaya)- 3-4
Oil ( I use coconut oil)– ½ a litre ( for deep frying)
Salt as per need
 Turmeric – ½ tsp


Peel the bananas of their skin. Be careful because the banana skins gives out this sap that can stain your cloths. Once this is done, wash the bananas well.
Take a big vessel of water, mix the turmeric in and drop the peeled bananas into this water. Leave for around 15-20 mins. This prevents the bananas from changing colour and also helps to get its golden colour when done.
Now you may take out the bananas and start slicing them into very thin, circular discs. Try to get them as thin as possible so as to get the final product nice and crispy. It’s best to use a vegetable slicer for this, if you have one.
Once the slicing is done, spread out the discs on a tray and leave it to dry up for 10-15 mins. Less the moisture content, more the crisp…
It’s frying time now… so heat up the oil in a big wok. Once boiling hot, drop in the banana slices and fry them nice, crisp and golden. Meanwhile take salt (as per your requirement) mix it with half a glass of water. Once the chips are almost done, sprinkle the salt water into the oil and stir. You better stand a little away as the oil is going to spit and splutter in fury!!
You may now use a slotted spoon to drain out the chips and place them on tissue paper to dry up the oil further.
Once cooled completely store your chips in an airtight container.


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