About Me

I always believe that my mom has magic at her finger tips because nothing satisfies me better than her idlis, dosas, banana fries etc... I love to watch her cook,she does everything with so much precision,talent and expertise that always enchants me. It is quite amazing to watch her cut up the vegetables, every piece would be identical,she says this helps even cooking and hence enhances the taste of the food, well, she has an explanation for everything she does in her cooking and probably those are her magic tips !!
I never did any cooking until my marriage. I still remember the first day I entered my kitchen, I had to call up my mom to ask her how to cook rice. She was aghast at my question, she thought I would never make a decent cook and would end up in restaurants every day.
After 5 yrs of marriage and 3 yrs of motherhood (These statistics are subject to change ... coz as of now its 8.5 yrs of marriage and 7 yrs of motherhood and moreover, now I am a mother of 2 ;) !! ) ,I have traversed a long way from that.
Through my journey I learned that I not only loved eating food but I enjoyed making them too. Maybe not just enjoyed It but was absolutely passionate about it too. Most of my recipies are my moms masterpieces and this blog is a dedication to her with all my love.
Another person who helped me in my cooking venture is my 3 year old daughter who I feel is most fussiest eater in this world. My attempts to satisfy her taste buds helped me with my experiments in whiping up different dishes. Satisfying my little one has been my toughest trial. ( Now my above mentioned 3 yr old is a 7 yr old already and also has a 2 yr old brother tagging behind her... and luckily for me he is so much more easier to satisfy and yet the my trails continue since he's a complete opposite to his still fussy sister. My toddler son enjoys food and loves anything that I make for him...adding on to my pleasure !!)
My recipes are usually easy to cook with few and readily available ingredients and so I hope everyone would enjoy making and eating my tested and tasted trials.