Saturday, December 17, 2016


A big hello everybody !! 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
 I am back after a long hibernation with a short post, including some pictures of a few cakes that I had baked this year but couldn't find time to post . 
This year had been quite an eventful one with a lot of happiness and yet a few heartaches 
With another year coming to a demise and another hopeful and happy year breaking out soon ,thought this was the best time to post all my works !!

White Forest Gateaux
Baked this for a good friends birthday. 

Pistachio cake with vanilla cheese cake filling... frosted with Swiss meringue butter cream

Made this Car themed Pistachio cake for baby sons 3rd Birthday in May this year.

Princess Frock Cake (made with whole wheat chocolate cupcakes frosted with vanilla whipped cream)

This was a special for my princesse's birthday in September. Absolutely loved making it for its sheer simplicity and yet a cake so beautiful and definitely befitting a very special little princess.

Japanese sponge cake filled and frosted chocolate whipped cream and covered with chocolate Ganache 

This personal favorite was made this November for the Hubby's big day. Made it simple and not-so-fancy since it was made for just the four of us :)

Well, hope you enjoyed this 'picturesque' ,mouthwatering post... Hope to back again soon with more treats !!

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