Saturday, October 31, 2015

CARDAMOM IN CUPCAKES (Birthday Treat for a Special 12 year old)

Cardamom yogurt Cupcakes and Rosewater Swiss Meringue Butter Cream  


When we had moved to Bahrain almost 7 years back we were totally friendless .
After living a princely and pampered life and being showered with the complete attention of her doting grandparents ,back in Kerala, my poor poor baby girl had grown so morose and silent, after being stuck with just her dad and mom for nearly 7 months in her small apartment home in Bahrain. We were so heartbroken see our dear angel silently coping up with her loneliness that we finally decided to move into some new place where we could find her the company of some children .
We finally moved into a beautiful compound were we found out first set of friends in Bahrain and one of our closest!

This special family has the most wonderful 3 little girls I have ever known... and trust me I am not exaggerating when I say this... not one bit !!!  Their youngest one is my girls exact age and little N is my daughters best friend ever :)
Now, Last week was her eldest sisters,F's, 12th birthday.  Its so unbelievable that the charming little 6 year old that I had first met is growing into a beautiful little lady all so quickly.
I had baked these soft, scrumptious and very Indian tasting cupcakes for her as a little gift from our side. 

I had spotted these cupcakes on a very beautiful blog which is also one of my favourites, Ria's Collections. I had to make them the moment I saw them there. The Rosewater  flavoured buttercream is an addition that I made and everybody liked the combo.

I have sort of fallen in love with my 1M and 2D tips and have grown quite addicted to them... I am sure you can say that from my other cakes... I guess I am going slightly overboard with the rosettes  :)
I am definitely doing something else on my next cake, fingers crossed for that !!


  1. lovely treat,nicely decorated...hope the li'l girl had a yumm gift :)

  2. Thanks Julie... yes she and her family did like it