Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Recipe: Yellow cupcakes with Marzipan frosting

I am, like most bakers out there, a big fan of Wilton tips especially the 2D and 1M tips. But it was just last month that I went about buying them and was dying for a chance to use them.
Meanwhile, I had watched a million tutorials videos on how to put them to good use. Of all the designs, the rosette ones had had me glued. I just totally fell in love with those ohh -so -pretty rosette cakes and cupcakes. 
I usually don't make frosted cakes and cupcakes without an occasion to do so, so all I could do was impatient waiting. 
But then there came along mothers day and what more could I ask for?
My little girl made me this very cute card with Pepa pig and Family as the theme. She says her family is the same as Pepa pigs because she has a mom, dad and a brother just like the piglet :) 
Now I have the most wonderful excuse to bake something special for my children. 
I decided to stick to cupcakes since I thought they were the best for my practice sessions. 
So, I hereby present my very first rosette cupcakes. I have used the 2D tip here. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Recipe: Pepper Mushroom Dry 

I have somehow managed another post amidst all the craziness going around me with a soon- to- be 2 year old son and a 6 year old daughter who's on vacation !!!  
I am really back on track with my cooking trails and baking but clicking all what I make is turning
out to be quite a task with my ever so restless boy tagging along and poking his tiny fingers at my photoshoot arrangements.
He gives me that quizzical look when I move him away from the field.... well, he would be trying to dig his finger into my dish to get a taste of it.. poor thing!!  He cannot quite understand why his mom wants to take pictures of something that was supposed to gulped down and enjoyed :)
Anyways, this dish turned out to be much spicier than he could handle and that proved a little beneficial for my session.... though of course that never ruined his fancy for my camera, phew!!