Thursday, November 19, 2015


Recipe: Devils Food Cake with Passionfruit Mousse Filling and Frosting and  a Chocolate Ganache Finish 


The second half of every year is celebration-packed for us. Apart from all the festivals that it comes with , we have 2 birthdays and an anniversary in our family and lot more birthday parties at our friends place too.
And to top it all the weather becomes so beautiful and enjoyable with the winter setting in. I love everything about this part of the year!!

Now, Last week was the Hubby's birthday and we had a small, cozy celebration with just the 4 of us, a cake and his favourite chicken Biriyani

Saturday, October 31, 2015

CARDAMOM IN CUPCAKES (Birthday Treat for a Special 12 year old)

Cardamom yogurt Cupcakes and Rosewater Swiss Meringue Butter Cream  


When we had moved to Bahrain almost 7 years back we were totally friendless .
After living a princely and pampered life and being showered with the complete attention of her doting grandparents ,back in Kerala, my poor poor baby girl had grown so morose and silent, after being stuck with just her dad and mom for nearly 7 months in her small apartment home in Bahrain. We were so heartbroken see our dear angel silently coping up with her loneliness that we finally decided to move into some new place where we could find her the company of some children .
We finally moved into a beautiful compound were we found out first set of friends in Bahrain and one of our closest!

Friday, October 9, 2015


Triple Chocolate Cake
Chocolate and Mango Chiffon Cake filled and frosted with mango mousse and dark chocolate ganache

My little doll turned 7 last week and we tried all that is in us to make her day a special one. She had been waiting for this from the very next day of her previous birthday ..hehe yeah!! 
I had almost gone insane hearing her whining about her birthday being the only one that comes so very late in the year and that all her friends parents are really kind to make their birthdays come early, unlike hers ...phew... now how do I explain this to her !!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Vanilla Sponge Cake with Caramel Mousse Frosting and filling 


I made this cake last week for a very special birthday boy, our very good friends younger son.
This was our little birthday gift for his big day. 


Recipe: Homemade Doughnuts 


Yipee!!!! I have finally managed to touch the magical number....My 100th post!! 
I had wanted to present something special for the century celebration and saved this recipe specially for that. 
On this special occasion I did like extend a special thank you, to all my friends and family and all my special readers  for taking the time to read through all my crazy pondering and blabbers and for making my blog a success.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Recipe: Whole wheat pizza and Pizza sauce 

We are pizza crazy as a family... but my kids require special mention. And of the two, my 2 year old son, kind of, rips the roof with his pizza passion!!
We just have to pass by a pizza place and the aroma coming in from there would drive him insane and he would abruptly break into his loud pizza song, which goes 'pizza pizza pizza....' NON STOP!!
He's had us embarrassed in quite a few restaurant episodes.... where in, he would start off with his coveted song every time the waiter passes by with someone else's order.
Of course, my daughter is no better, but, she has her trademark trait...pickiness, popping up even with her favourite dish, when it comes to the toppings. But for the son, it just has to be PIZZA and that would do :)

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Recipe: Cocoa Brownies 


I was sitting and wondering on how to get this post started. I was having quite a starting trouble and that too with a target time given to me by my sleeping son. It had started to get me off mood and I had almost decided to just type in the recipe when it dawned on me that I was going to post my 98th recipe ... just 2 more to scoring century..yipee!!  
And another milestone... Kitchen Magic is turning 4 this November !!
So, I guess this very chocolatey and delish brownie was indeed a good choice for the post.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Recipe: Quail Roast (Kada Roast)

Belated Happy Onam to all the Malayalees around the globe.


I apologise for the delayed greetings but as I have put in all my latest blogs about how I am juggling with time with my little ones, cooking, clicking and blogging ... I hope I can be pardoned.
This was our dinner a couple of weeks ago and since the husband was around I could manage a few quick clicks.
Since, Quail is not a regular at my place I couldn't afford to miss the chance.
Its a favourite with my dad and hubby and I have eaten this dish maybe just a couple of times when my mom made them during one of our vacations.
This is my first attempt with quail and I must say it turned out quite well.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mangoes Pineapple and A Cake !!

Recipe: Mango Pineapple Cake frosted with Mango Swiss Buttercream


This summer, since we had decided to stay back in Bahrain itself, I had anticipated a mega come back to my blog with all those extra time that I was going to ravish in.....But, Alas!!

It was just a couple of days ago while checking out the date for Onam, that I realised with a rather violent shake that our vacation was meeting its demise in just a couple of weeks. And here, I haven't even made a single entry on my blog..... so disappointing !!
It's not that I have been lazing around and not cooking... it's just that I haven't been able to click my creations. Thats even more distressing isn't it :(
Guess thats what happens when one has 2 kids on the rampage keeping one forcefully vigilant even while in the loo!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Recipe: Yellow cupcakes with Marzipan frosting

I am, like most bakers out there, a big fan of Wilton tips especially the 2D and 1M tips. But it was just last month that I went about buying them and was dying for a chance to use them.
Meanwhile, I had watched a million tutorials videos on how to put them to good use. Of all the designs, the rosette ones had had me glued. I just totally fell in love with those ohh -so -pretty rosette cakes and cupcakes. 
I usually don't make frosted cakes and cupcakes without an occasion to do so, so all I could do was impatient waiting. 
But then there came along mothers day and what more could I ask for?
My little girl made me this very cute card with Pepa pig and Family as the theme. She says her family is the same as Pepa pigs because she has a mom, dad and a brother just like the piglet :) 
Now I have the most wonderful excuse to bake something special for my children. 
I decided to stick to cupcakes since I thought they were the best for my practice sessions. 
So, I hereby present my very first rosette cupcakes. I have used the 2D tip here. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Recipe: Pepper Mushroom Dry 

I have somehow managed another post amidst all the craziness going around me with a soon- to- be 2 year old son and a 6 year old daughter who's on vacation !!!  
I am really back on track with my cooking trails and baking but clicking all what I make is turning
out to be quite a task with my ever so restless boy tagging along and poking his tiny fingers at my photoshoot arrangements.
He gives me that quizzical look when I move him away from the field.... well, he would be trying to dig his finger into my dish to get a taste of it.. poor thing!!  He cannot quite understand why his mom wants to take pictures of something that was supposed to gulped down and enjoyed :)
Anyways, this dish turned out to be much spicier than he could handle and that proved a little beneficial for my session.... though of course that never ruined his fancy for my camera, phew!!