Thursday, December 18, 2014


Recipe : Easy Christmas Fruit Cake (Adapted from Joy of Baking)

A big hello to all my readers ..... Ah... Yes I am alive 😊 and I am back ...yippee!!!!
I know ,I kind of made an abrupt and  uninformed vanishing act that lasted almost 2 years.......I had never intended to do it this way though .. And never in my worst dreams expected to break off from my own dear space for so so long. Oh, how I missed it!!
Before I go on I guess I have a lot of explainations to give. Actually there's a big secret that I had kept from you all while posting my last recipes..... I was nearly 9 months pregnant with my second child then 😁😁. I wanted to break the big new with a lovely recipe and then bid a shot farewell. But nothing really worked out the way I planned because I suddenly began growing really wiery and cooking and clicking were turning out to be real Herculean tasks for me. Moreover my dad and mom had come in for my delivery and all I wanted was to spend all my time with them.
Then came May 26 th and out popped our second bundle of joy... Our baby boy ..Dhananjayan. Dhanu was a very happy and easy to manage baby and never gave us too many sleepless nights. This soared up my hopes of restarting my blog soon. But as he grew I realised that my blogging days were yet to wait!!

My son started walking and running much earlier than my Angel... And I stress on the word angel because I didn't realise her sweetness until my little rogue came along.... No wonder they say.. Boys are boys!!!
Just to give an idea... By the time he turned one, he had already broken 1 plate, 2 glasses, 2 mugs and a couple of vases :) guess that says it all.
I had completely lost track of dates and months during the time and before I knew it we were already celebrating my sons first birthday!
Then came July 2014, which is synonymous to vacations for all school goers in the middle east. So we all packed off to India for 2 wonderful and joyous months. And this vacation was real special because there were 2 very important weddings awaiting us... My brother's and my brother in law's. And the icing on the cake was that I would be celebrating Onam with my family after a very long time.
As you all know nothing lasts forever, the weddings and Onam swished past like a day dream and there I was back in Bahrain fighting holiday blues. Not that I really had any time for it!!!

Cooking has taken a back seat for a long time now. It is usually just basic stuffs to get us going. And ever since my son started walking I have been planing my cooking sessions like some sort of commando operation. I rush into the kitchen as soon as my girl leaves for school by 7 am, and finishes off my work by 9.30...... And that would include breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Yeah.... I know !!
Just turning my back on my son,let alone alone cooking, would spell disaster.
It was not until lately when my daughter started complaining about me not baking anything for her, that I realised its been ages since I had used my oven. Though I did manage baking some simple cakes and cookies for her, I have never been able get back to full swing yet.

So you can imagine what kind of effort has gone into making this post. I managed to bake and click while my sonny was asleep and typed in this post over a span of 3 days ..phew!! I have managed to click a few pictures for a couple of other recipes too but I really don't know when I would be able to put it up.... Please, I would really need all your best wishes for that 😄.
But seriously,I really didnt want to miss another Christmas season....
In Kerala, Christmas is totally incomplete without  fruit/plum cake and it's been some time since I had wanted to bake one of my own. I found a really simple and easy recipe for this in Joy of Baking and couldn't resist trying. I must say it did give real good results.

(Adapted from Joy of Baking)

I apologise for doing this but plz do find the recipe here
I have followed the exact recipe except for a slight change. I haven't used any candied peels as I didn't have any. I also didn't have too many raisins left with me so I included chopped dates,figs and prunes equal to the measurements of raisins mentioned in the original recipe. 
The cake turned out well and my family quite enjoyed it especially my 1 and half year old. Cooking has turned out to be more satisfying now(with all its commando planning) with two happy tummies to feed :). 
A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone !!


  1. Perfectly made Christmas cakes. Love it

  2. Welcome back,Misha..glad to c u here..cake looks delicious and great way to celebrate Dhanu's arrival..Congrats to all of you guys...hoping to c u more often,Misha :)

    1. Thank u so much Julie Feels great to be back :)