Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Those Brown Wonders.....Guilt Free!!!

Recipe: Low-Fat Brownies
We are a family of chocolate lovers, my daughter, following right behind... My hubby and of course me!!
Anything with a cocoa ingredient never last longer than a day or 2 at my home.Very obviously, the first cake I baked was chocolate, the first cookie was Choco chip ...and the list goes on..
So, now I don't think I really have to talk much about our love for brownies. They are one of the easiest and according to me, the best solutions for a sudden and acute chocolate craving.


So little ingredients, so little effort , and yet a very exquisite and perfectly chocolatey output.
Brownies are one of my favourite desserts. Love them, slightly warm with a generous scoop of vanilla Icecream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce.....oooooohhh what a perfect ending.. I am sure it's a hands down winner.
But of course every luxury in this world comes with a price, brownies are no exception, but the price here is the high amount of calorie intake that comes with every spoonful of this luscious brown wonder..... Melted chocolate, butter, sugar !!!
So, you could imagine my ecstasy when I came across these great low-fat brownies at joy of baking.
Tried them immediatly and was elated with the result. They come with a wonderfully moist and chewy texture and lovely chocolate flavour. 


These brownies are low fat because first, it replaces melted chocolate with cocoa powder, and second,butter with natural buttery spread which is made from vegetable oil.


As usual, these too never lasted any longer a couple of days, a major portion being polished off by my girl :) .
And guess what... I have secretly stashed away a couple of pieces to enjoy with a scoop of Ice cream when I am all alone ;)

(Adapted from joy of baking)

I have followed the exact recipe from joy of baking so didn't want to type them all over again.
Only difference is that I replaced sour cream with yogurt and Dutch processes cocoa with the normal, natural cocoa.
Please find the recipe here.