Friday, January 18, 2013

Passionate about Ice Creams....

Recipe: Passion Fruit And Nutella Ice Cream ( Egg less and Machineless)

A big hello to all my buddies out there, here I am, back after a long 2 months of break. Well, unlike most of my other vanishing acts, this one was a very intentional one and I apologise for not giving prior notice. Before going into all those details, first things first, here is wishing all those wonderful people out there a very belated and yet a very very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR !!!!

Ok ,talking about my break, many things happened since my last post in November. First, it was my daughters very first examination, so you see I had been busy spending time with her.
And then came the long awaited winter break and with it came my in laws :) and oh yes, we had a swell time together. They were here with us for 3 weeks, but I couldn't be sure, coz, it felt like just 3 days when they wrapped up to leave :(
It's so much fun when we have our house filled with people, especially family, but the emptiness that settles in after they leave is simply terrible and I am just recovering from one such hit !!!!!
And I decided that the best way to speed up my recovery would be to get back to my blog world and so, here I am back with  my very first post of the year and of course it's always best to start a brand new year with something sweet and refreshing..... Don't you all agree :) 

Now, this is a very very long pending post and I had made this Ice Cream when passion fruits were available and when the weather was much warmer, but unfortunately couldn't get my post ready then.
The best part about this Ice Cream is that it requires absolutely no cooking and yes, no Ice Cream machine too. I had been on the lookout for an easy, eggless Ice Cream recipe for a long time now and I was more than elated when I stumbled upon the site, They have such amazing Ice Cream recipes and I let myself give it a go and the outcome was simply mouthwatering!!!
So, here goes
A little apology for some not so great clicks.... you see, I had to rush up with these pics of mine as these home made ice creams tend to loose shape much faster than the store bought ones, nevertheless, they are so so creamy and smooth and yummy and I don't think you could stop with just one attempt ;)



Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups
Condensed milk - 1 can
Passionfruit pulp - 1 cup (slightly pulse the pulp in your blender and then strain off the seeds)
Nutella - 1/4 cup ( you can do without this too)


First whip your cream till you get stiff peaks.
Then, whisk together condensed milk, Passionfruit pulp and Nutella till well combined.
Fold this into your whipped cream.
Transfer the mixture into a freezer safe bowl, leave to set in your freezer for nearly 6 hours or overnight.
It would be good idea to give your Icecream a whisk after every hour during the first 3 hours of setting. This will prevent formation of ice crystals in your Icecream.
So, how much easier can this get ?!!!!

The Icecream was a great success and it had a really smooth and creamy texture and I am definitely trying out more flavours with this technique :).