Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For a Perfect Tea Break...

Recipe: Paripu Vada (Spicy Lentil Fritters)

Finally with November coming to an end, the much awaited winter seems to have finally settled in :)
With the last couple of days being slightly cloudy and cool my anticipations has soared and finally yesterday morning it rained.... And man what a rain, actually not just rain, there was even a short shower of hailstones. My very first experience with hail !!
I couldn't help jumping around like a kid at 4 in the morning ......  And it continued raining all through the morning too, yippe yippe!!

By afternoon, all I could think about were some sizzling hot snack to go along with my evening tea, you see, by 2pm it was already looking like 5 pm and for me evening means tea break :).  Mentally flipping through my list of favourite snacks, my mind kind of got stuck on these paripu Vadas.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All the way from Punjab...

Recipe: Gobi Paratha (Indian bread with spicy Cauliflower filling)

I have always had a soft corner for Punjabi cuisine. Love everything about them, their flavour, richness  and of course,their easy ingredients.

My favourite amongst their cuisine, are their  stuffed rotis and parathas.....and of that, the ones I adore are Aloo Parathas, Gobi Parathas, Methi and Palak Parathas.... Hmmm love them anytime.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Chocolate met Orange!!!!

Recipe: Chocolate Cake with Orange Butter cream Frosting

Here I am back again after a longer than expected break. Actually a lot happened over the past few weeks. Everything started with my daughters week long viral fever, followed by my 10 days long chest infection and asthma. And then when I started feeling that I could get back to my space, once and for all, we were bumpered with a string of birthday parties and other get-togethers and that left me with more timeless days.
Now, I am seriously worried whether I would be forgotten in the blog world :(