Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It’s Festive Time Again!!

Recipe: Mango Pickle

It’s the Vishu time again.
One of my favourite times of the year, back in Kerala, with the whole land glowing golden with the beautifully yellow Kani konna flowers. It’s a splendour to see the kani konna trees in full bloom with their branches laden with bunches of these beautiful yellow flowers.

The best part of these trees is that when in full bloom, they shed off their leaves and trees would look completely yellow with just the flowers on their branches. A site so beyond description!!
Here, in this part of the world, where I currently reside; all the seasons look almost the same and so does the Vishu seasonL.

But an interesting thing that’s worth a mention is that, here in the Middle East, where I reside, we do get these golden yellow flowers, packaged and exported all the way from Kerala to help the millions of Malayalees out here celebrate Vishu with all its glory and bliss.
Guess I have been engrossed in yapping about Vishu and kani konnas for quite some time now…. but I quite forgot to tell my fellow readers (who are not aware of this festival), what this stuff is all about… didn’t I?!

Well, Vishu is an important festival celebrated by the Hindu community in Kerala, India to mark the New Year as per the Malayalam Calendar.

 Hmm…this post has run too long, so I shall give further details on the Vishu celebration in my following posts which will be related to the same topic.

Coming to the recipe….. This post is going to showcase a mango pickle that I have prepared for my Vishu Sadya( Vishu lunch). It uses a very simple recipe, handed over to me by my mom.



Raw Mangoes – 3 medium sized washed, dried and cut into quarter inch pieces
Red chilly powder – 3-4 tsp (depending on your need)
Fenugreek powdered – ¼ tsp
Asafoetida powder – ½ tsp
Salt as per need
Sesame oil – 100 ml


Place oil in a wok and heat to smoking point.
Switch off flame and leave to cool for around 5 mins, but DO NOT let the oil cool down completely. It should still be hot. We do this to avoid the spices from getting burned.

Now add all the spices and salt and mix well. To this add the mango pieces and mix so that all the pieces are well coated with the spices.

Check for salt and adjust as required.

Leave to cool completely before bottling and refrigerating.

Note: it would be good idea to prepare your pickle at least 3 days before consumption as of course for pickles taste betters with age.
 Sending this to Remya’s Recipe, for the Kerala Kitchen April event.


  1. Misha, I love these simple managa achaar. Vaayil kappal odikkanullam vellam undu, ha ha :-)

    Wishing you and family a wonderful Vishu!!!!

    1. Thank u prathibha and Vishu asamsakal to u and ur family..... :)

  2. vishu ashamsakal :)... and nice mango pickle recipe

    1. Vishu ashamsakal 2 u and ur family too Reshmi :) have a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Lovely pickle

  4. hope u had a great time for vishu...loved this simple and yummy pickle..thanks for sharing this through kerala kitchen

    1. Yes Ramya v did hav a great Vishu hope u did too.. And thank u so much 4 your encouraging comment