Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For the Sweet Tooth

Recipe: Boondi Ladoo

Though I am not always a sweet lover, I do develop a tiny sweet tooth once in a while. And I mostly end up resorting to my evergreen favourite, Galaxy Chocolate, for comfort. Not that I don’t enjoy the other varieties of sweets like our Indian ones and their Arabic counterparts, just that most of the time they turn out to be too sweet and end up nauseating me.
Amongst the Indian sweets I have always enjoyed Ladoos, especially Boondi Ladoos, made the North Indian way.

Boondi Ladoos always evoke memories of my childhood days in Abu Dhabi (where I grew up). There, we used to have this North Indian sweet shop which sold stupendous Indian sweets. It was from there that I have had the best ever boondi ladoos. Their goodies were moderately sweet and unbelievably soft that they just used to melt in the mouth.

But after moving back to Kerala, Ladoo and I began to go distant. At the time, the Ladoos available in some of the best shops in my hometown were usually rock solid and too sugar laden that I could actually feel the sugar grit between my teeth. Eekk….. It used to make my head spin!!!!!
Even if things have changed drastically and good quality Ladoos and other north Indian sweets are readily available all over Kerala, I somehow could never get over my ‘Abu Dhabi Ladoo’.
Moving to Bahrain has pulled me further away from the Indian sweets. For no particular reason, we seem to steer clear of all types of sweets except chocolates and frozen desserts.

Sometime back while surfing through some of my favourite blogs I got to watch a video on Ladoo making by Mrs Manjula of Manjula’s Kitchen. The ladoos she made looked fabulous and brought an urge in me to make some too, nevertheless, I refrained from any attempts as the recipe mentioned that the sugar syrup had to be boiled to 220 degree C and the same had to be measured using a candy thermometer which I did not possess (and still don’t J).
I had nearly forgotten all about the blog, when recently I stumbled on the same, once again. But this time I decided to give it a shot and I should say, I don’t regret the decision one bit.
These ladoos turned out to be moderately sweet yet delicious and an easy peesy cooking attempt.



For the Boondi:
Gram flour/Besan – 1 cup
Water – ½ cup+ 1 tbsp (adjust as required)

For sugar syrup:
Sugar – 1 ½ cups
Water – 1 cup

Cashew nuts/ almonds – chopped a handful
Cardamom – 3-4 seeded and crushed
Oil – for deep frying
A perforated ladle


Step 1: Mix gram flour with ½ cup+1 tbsp water to form a smooth, lump- free paste. It should be of a thick dosa/pancake batter consistency and should fall into tiny balls when passed through a perforated ladle. Please adjust water as per need.

Step 2: Place sugar and one cup water in a heavy bottomed vessel and bring to rolling boil. If you have a candy thermometer, then measure temperature to 220 degree Celsius before switching off the flame.
Since I do not have a candy thermometer I had to device a plan of my own. I brought the mixture to rolling boil for a couple of mins and then reduced the flame so that the liquid would simmer for another 2-3 mins and then removed it off the flame. This worked like mint.

Step 3: Place a wok with oil for deep frying and heat this on medium flame until hot enough to fry the boondies. The oil is ready when a drop of batter dropped in sizzles back immediately without changing colour.

Step 4: Now hold your slotted ladle 1 ½ inch away from the wok and slowly drop in the batter through it. Be careful not to let the batter flow off the sides of the spoon or you will get lumps of fried batter. Do not let the boodies go crisp. (Well, some of mine did, its ok if you don’t mind a little crunch here and there in your ladoo ;))
Remember to wipe your ladle clean between each batch.

Step 5: Once the boodies have been fried to perfection drain off from the oil using a slotted spoon and immediately drop into the hot sugar syrup.
Let the boondies soak in the syrup for around 10 mins.

Step 6: Drain off the sugar syrup from the soaked boondies and transfer then into a wide basin or plate. Add the chopped nuts and crushed cardamom and mix well.
Now using your hands roll them into round balls. Squeeze the boondies as you roll so as to drain off the excess sugar syrup and also this helps in binding the boodies together to get perfect ladoos. REMEMBER TO DO THE ROLLING WHEN THE BOONDIES ARE STILL WARM …. OR ELSE YOUR LADOOS WONT HOLD.

Once the ladoos cool down they would have firmed up and all ready to be served.
Sending this to the Kerala Kitchen event for March hosted by Prathibha of Cook Ezee 


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    1. Thank u so much sriya for following me... And thanks 4 ur comment on my post as well :). Will deftly visit ur space as well

  2. wow! u made ladoos! i've always scared to attempt Indian sweets cos they all seem so hard to make!

    1. I knw Sarah same wit me too. But watching manjulaskitchen ladoos made it look simple and trust me this one is really easy. U shud give it a shot :).