Monday, December 12, 2011

Garlic, Cheese and Bread

Recipe:  Garlic Bread with Cheese

I love bread, I love cheese, I love butter so it’s not surprising that I love garlic bread, especially the ones lusciously covered with melted mozzarella cheese!!

My daughter is also a cheese garlic bread fan and each time we visit a pizza place she ends up stuffing herself with garlic bread (and of course I follow suit J) and almost always we end up packing half the pizza back home which is then breakfast or lunch the next day.

One such day when I gave a slice of pizza to my daughter for lunch she pushed it back to me and demanded the small pizza instead (my daughter thinks garlic bread is small pizza!!). When all my attempts to pacify her failed, I had to fake a garlic bread for her… I simply sprinkled some mozzarella cheese and oregano on a piece of buttered bun and popped it into the microwave. Though I managed to satisfy her then, it didn’t exactly taste like real garlic bread.

Until then it never occurred to me that this little delight could actually be made at home, but now, I just had to!!!
When I discovered the ingredients to make garlic bread I felt silly about not thinking about it earlier. All I needed was some bread, garlic, and butter and yes, cheese…

Let’s go for the recipe



French bread or Italian bread – 1 loaf
Butter – 2 tbsp
Garlic – 2 cloves crushed or made into paste
Parsley – a handful finely chopped
Mozzarella cheese grated – 1 cup
Oregano – to season (optional)
Salt – to taste


Mix butter, garlic, parsley and salt to make a paste.
Slice your French loaf into oval shaped discs. Do not detach the slices so that they don’t come off loose.
Now spread the garlic- butter paste on each slice, any remaining paste can be spread out on top of the loaf. Wrap the loaf in aluminium foil and pop it into your oven. Cook for 10 mins.
If you are doing a barbeque, just drop the aluminium wrapped loaf into the hot charcoal and take it off after 2 -3 mins. Garlic bread is a perfect accompaniment with sizzling barbeque.
Cooking in aluminium foil makes your loaf very soft. Once done, you may remove your loaf from the aluminium foil and the separate the slices.
It’s wonderful to eat this as such. And the aroma is undefinable……
But to make our garlic bread cheesy you will have to resist that temptation!!!!

Now sprinkle mozzarella cheese on each slice and season with oregano and then put it back into your oven and heat until the cheese melts.

Enjoy this cheesy garlic bread piping hot….   


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