Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Yule Log (Buche de Noel)

Here I am back with another Christmas speciality.

Well, I always wondered why they ever called this luscious cake roll a Yule log and why was it synonymous with Christmas . A few tapping and google had it all. Actually, it was an ancient European tradition to collect yule logs and burn it over the 12 days of Christmas and they even reserved a piece of the current years log to light up the log for next years Christmas !!
And the Yule log cake began to made as a symbolic representation of this ancient tradition when the actual custom fell out of use.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Christmas Spirit is here!!

Christmas Fruit Cake (Whole wheat, alcohol-free, butter-less, eggless)

My favorite time of the year is here and my oven has been quite busy, which is a routine every year... But photographing and making a post of my bakes isn't just working !

Saturday, December 17, 2016


A big hello everybody !! 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
 I am back after a long hibernation with a short post, including some pictures of a few cakes that I had baked this year but couldn't find time to post . 
This year had been quite an eventful one with a lot of happiness and yet a few heartaches 
With another year coming to a demise and another hopeful and happy year breaking out soon ,thought this was the best time to post all my works !!

White Forest Gateaux
Baked this for a good friends birthday. 

Friday, February 5, 2016


Recipe: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate whipped cream filling and frosting and finished off with Milk chocolate Ganache.

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY DEAR READERS..... I know I am extremely late with my greetings ... but guess its always better late than never :P

Well, I did like to let you all know with great pleasure that my new year started of with a great big BANG!!
I got my very first order for a cake and that too for a new year cum Birthday party on the New year's Eve .... I was in my 7th haven excited and apprehensive  all at the same time.

Amidst the banter of emotions clashing within my mind and with another going on outside... my kids and husband .. I managed to pull through with this creation.
Hope its not  all that bad!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Recipe: Devils Food Cake with Passionfruit Mousse Filling and Frosting and  a Chocolate Ganache Finish 


The second half of every year is celebration-packed for us. Apart from all the festivals that it comes with , we have 2 birthdays and an anniversary in our family and lot more birthday parties at our friends place too.
And to top it all the weather becomes so beautiful and enjoyable with the winter setting in. I love everything about this part of the year!!

Now, Last week was the Hubby's birthday and we had a small, cozy celebration with just the 4 of us, a cake and his favourite chicken Biriyani

Saturday, October 31, 2015

CARDAMOM IN CUPCAKES (Birthday Treat for a Special 12 year old)

Cardamom yogurt Cupcakes and Rosewater Swiss Meringue Butter Cream  


When we had moved to Bahrain almost 7 years back we were totally friendless .
After living a princely and pampered life and being showered with the complete attention of her doting grandparents ,back in Kerala, my poor poor baby girl had grown so morose and silent, after being stuck with just her dad and mom for nearly 7 months in her small apartment home in Bahrain. We were so heartbroken see our dear angel silently coping up with her loneliness that we finally decided to move into some new place where we could find her the company of some children .
We finally moved into a beautiful compound were we found out first set of friends in Bahrain and one of our closest!

Friday, October 9, 2015


Triple Chocolate Cake
Chocolate and Mango Chiffon Cake filled and frosted with mango mousse and dark chocolate ganache

My little doll turned 7 last week and we tried all that is in us to make her day a special one. She had been waiting for this from the very next day of her previous birthday ..hehe yeah!! 
I had almost gone insane hearing her whining about her birthday being the only one that comes so very late in the year and that all her friends parents are really kind to make their birthdays come early, unlike hers ...phew... now how do I explain this to her !!!